Hybrid Wind and Solar System

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From giant earth towers to compressed-air plants, partner entrepreneurs are piloting systems to make renewable energy more reliable. It is our company's main development and strategy for the next five year

Solar Energy With a Side of Wind (New Concept)


Throughout the Germany, the sun shines the brightest and longest during the summer months, when the wind speeds are lowest. During the winter, the winds are more intense and sunlight is less available. Because peak operating times are different for these methods of alternative energy, combining the two systems helps generate a steady source of power while increasing your energy independence.

A hybrid wind and solar system is ideal for anyone who lives in a remote location, as these systems tend to be stand-alone systems that are not connected to an electricity distribution system.


Sonnens Energy Innovative Technology – Tried and Tested!
Extensive wind tunnel tests and numerical flow calculations were used to develop and optimize an ultra-lightweight slow speed vertical small wind turbine system, using the highest possible levels of efficiency and based on the Savonius rotor.

For years, our partner/developer developed, calculated and optimized this innovative rotor form which enables a higher yield of the oncoming wind. The one of the new concept from us is a new wind turbine follows the classic Savonius idea, but has a new innovative rotor geometry, which thanks to an intelligent flow design, avoids pressure differences, outages and turbulence. The wind turbine Wind of Change with its characteristic helical shape has an increase in output of more than 28 percent in complex 3D aerospace engineering flow analysis tests, when compared with conventional vertical resistance runners.

Ultra-lightweight rotor made from modern high-performance composites, consisting of two horizontal lens discs, attached to a vertical rotor axis, between which two or more semicircular curved blades are vertically mounted. The blades are arranged offset from one another, so that a part of the wind is diverted from the right and left openings to the scooped sides of the blades and can therefore act on the reverse side of one of the concave blades. The action is based both on aerodynamic lift as well as resistance induced tunneling.

A vertical axis turbine (VAWT: Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) functions regardless of the wind direction.

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*Vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWT) are a type of wind turbine where the main rotor shaft runs vertically. VAWT do not need to be pointed into the wind. 

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