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Electric Car Innovation / really benefit environmentally without oil?


Global environmental awareness is bullish, and the characteristics of energy-saving and carbon-reduction of electric vehicles are therefore considered as emerging "green energy vehicles." However, the real world is still questioning whether the electric car is "really environmentally friendly and advantage", believing that the recycling and reuse of its batteries will be more harmful to the planet if there is no perfect planning.

Instantiation of air pollution levels in Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, the emission of pollutants from automobiles and motorcycles is the main source of air pollution. The explanation is that “in the process of movement, suspended particulates (PM) and nitrogen oxides (PM NOx), non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC) and carbon monoxide (CO) and other harmful gases, especially the higher concentration of locomotive emissions. If the human body inhales these harmful gases for a long time, there will be a fatal risk, which is the most directs damage.

In this environment, our company (Sonnens Energy) believes that "Electric Locomotive" is the most environmentally-friendly means of transportation today. "Electric locomotive is a vehicle with zero emissions during movement. Even more rigorous is the use of battery power in the power generation process. Taking into account the amount of pollutants discharged in the environment, electric vehicles are still the most environmentally friendly means of transport. "

In addition, Our company also compared the EES-6(European Emission Standards Level 6) locomotive, general automobile, EES-7 environmentally friendly vehicle, and electric locomotive, and compared the four suspended particulates (PM), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and non-methane hydrocarbons ( NMHC) and carbon monoxide (CO) for data analysis. From the following four categories of studies, it can be found that the emissions of each gas, "electric locomotive" are less than the other three, and even have an overwhelming gap.

However, the company admits that due to the power generation structure of Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea, more than 60% depends on gas, coal, and oil, so the energy transition will be a long process, and the vehicle transformation will always be. In fact, no one can't expect once we are waking up in the morning, all fuel-fueled vehicles will disappear and suddenly all become electric vehicles. Therefore, considering the issues of energy conservation, carbon reduction, and air pollution, the promotion of electric vehicles innovation must be long-term and continuous work. Such will be a Long war whether it can improve the environment and innovation.

Our company has always believed that if the city's electricity is used as the main energy supply for electric vehicles, this is definitely not an environmental protection justification and a major incentive.

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