Global Project & HK Demonstration Center


Global Project & HK Demonstration Center
(Project Own by : - Global Dynamic Holding Inc. and Global Dynamic Holdings (HK) Ltd.)

Solar Panel Manufacturer Provider
The company uses Germany, the European Union, Japan, and South Korea, etc.-the world's largest solar panel manufacturer with confidence. The quality of solar panels will affect its service life and safety.

Experienced installation team
Sonnens Energy's parent company has more than 10 years of engineering experience in many European Union countries.

Professional Measurement Team
Use the most professional measuring equipment to measure the most accurate size, direction and angle of solar panels for customers, to maximize the power generation efficiency of solar panels. Our company professional surveyors understand the needs of the system.

Provide the Best Solution for Every Project
With good experience, travel all over the world, countries, regions, etc. After conducting on-site surveys and comply with customer needs, our professional designers and engineers of our solar system will tailor-made solutions for you and provide one-stop services Including but not limited to design, order to purchase, assembly, final testing, maintenance, etc.

Using Different System of Brackets
The company uses different materials with international standards, and durable as the main support material, including aviation aluminum alloy, and the thickness is 1-3 times thicker than the ordinary aluminium pillars. Even on the high wind force rooftops, it as stable as formal 3 times strong. Using the thin-body supports martial are vastly different.

Professional On-grid Service (based on the final contract of the local power company)
Provide professional consulting services to help the project meet the requirements of the power grid and help you become a local renewable energy producer.

10-year Solar Panel Warranty (2021 Project, we will upgrade to 15 years Warranty, subject to the final contract.)
Our company- Sonnens Energy has the most professional team and the most advanced technology to ensure the normal operation of your solar system and we provide a 10-year solar panel maintenance period.

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