Continuously developing smart energy, Sonnens Energy is responding to the needs of a wide range of clean energy markets with its solutions in solar, Power storage, EV charging, EV Bus,batteries, UPS, and Electric Grid services.

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"Sonnens"- Behind the name is our philosophy. "Sonnens Energy", German interpreted as "enjoying the sun." Sonnenstein is not only interpreted as a love of nature, sunlight, and sunbathing (the stone energy of the sun), but we also carry the future of our children.


Our Company goal is to help our children's green future, invest in renewable energy, reduce pollutant emissions, and grow in a pollution-free and healthy environment. We focus on the development of renewable energy and environmentally friendly intelligent systems. We provide investors with a one-stop  Solution for installing renewable energy systems, equipment maintenance, and customer financing to accomplish 3 win solutions in renewable energy.


Solar Architectural


The pairing up of lower pricing with higher energy conversion can lift solar power higher as a solution for renewable energy. Sonsens Energy numbers (22.5 percent) represented a record-breaking efficiency rating that had announced an efficient rooftop PV module – at 22.04%.

Sonnens Energy provides different solar modules that are another step in quality and in solar panels of high performance. Their Brand exclusive HIT cell technology makes them the higher performance solar panels in the entire PV panels sector. When mostly of other solar panels brands and systems hardly exceed 17% efficiency, Sonnens Energy HIT modules are about 22.5% efficiency.



  1. Full Professional Installation with our CEC qualified installers

  2. Premium All Black Clenergy roof mounting including 5 - 10 years warranty for all roof types 

  3. 10-15 Year Premium Company Workmanship Warranty

  4. All terms and conditions will Subject to the final contract between each other.) 

  5. Sonnens Energy team members will assess your household’s energy requirements and develop the perfect bundled or retrofit solution for you and your budget. 

  6. Via the online finance application (RPGF) process you can spread the cost of your investment over 2-7 years, Your power bill savings may be used to offset the financing costs. (Subject to the different country rules and regulations. please check with our Official Sales Agent.  

  7. Other than Solar Installation, please contact our office for further information with a quotation.  

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Hello from Sonnens Energy 

We provide affordable and durable solar power systems for the coastal tropics, where space on land is limited. We also make solar energy a hassle-free experience – we take care of all the technical details & maintenance.

Sonnens Energy is currently the leading solar energy company in the ASEAN, and a global leader in offshore (marine) photovoltaics. We are experts in island micro-grids and heavy-duty tropical solar PV systems.


We are ready for WTE and Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) to increase the recycling & treatment ratio from waste, projects in Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.

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We had a solution to clean existing coal clean and add technology to the coal plants to make them cleaner and carbon-free. This way we can build a scheme to install clean technology in each generation plant.

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From Coal 

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To Clean Enaergy

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ABOUT Clean Energy

Why the clean energy future is unstoppable


Mother Company (GDHI) Group Subsidiary company - Sonnens Energy used to be a boring industry — no pun intended. For over a century, the proven formula for success was to drill, mine, generate and consume more energy than the year before. But in 1976, a young energy analyst named Amory Lovins decided to question that paradigm in an article titled "Energy Strategy: The Road Not Taken?" This line of questioning kicked off a 35-year shift in the energy sector, giving rise to incredible innovation and a fundamental move away from legacy fuels and toward clean, cheap, low-carbon electricity and energy efficiency.

Out of this shift has emerged a new, exciting industry that’s poised to make energy cleaner and cheaper than ever before. In fact, no longer must we wonder whether renewable energy resources can power our future economy, but rather, "how quickly can we reach a truly low-carbon future?"

Simply put, it’s safe to say that clean energy isn’t just winning — it officially has won. The GDHI Group as our Mother Company with her fully supports and honor our company - Sonnen Energy focus our efforts on accelerating the adoption of clean energy, here are five compelling reasons why the clean energy future can’t be stopped.

On behalf of all of us at "Sonnens Energy", thank you for your continued business and support.

WTE & Solar Project in Thailand 

Floating Solar in Malaysia and


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Real Case Study

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Floating Solar in Japan 



Battery Cost:
As a general guide in Australia, a battery system will cost around $1000 per kWh installed, or in the USA it’s closer to US$700 per kWh. For example, the Tesla Powerwall 2 with 13.5kWh of storage capacity will cost around AU $14,500 fully installed, while the 9.8kWh LG RESU battery will cost closer to $8000 plus the additional costs of a compatible hybrid inverter and installation. There may also be additional costs and switchboard upgrades, especially if dedicated circuits are required to be backed up during a blackout. The battery location is also important and some households may require dedicated enclosures or covers to be installed to help protect the battery from extreme weather and direct sunlight which could result in overheating and shutdown. In some cases, the warranty may be void if the battery is not installed in a semi-protected location.




In Germany, consumers are embracing a shift to home batteries

A growing number of homeowners in Germany are installing batteries to store solar power. As prices for energy storage systems drop, they are adopting a green vision: a solar panel on every roof, an EV in every garage, and a battery in every basement. (In the ASEAN Market, one of the options is we are recommended using Sonnen Batteries with our Solar Panels and systems. All terms and conditions should be subject to the Client's agreement and accepted.)

Our company (Sonnens Energy) with a partner provides the services in Germany, the EU, and England, especially from now on in ASEAN outer suburbs, which are expecting neither wealthy nor environmental firebrands.


On sunny days, the photovoltaic panels supply all of the German, France, and ASEAN countries 'households’ electricity needs and charge their hybrid car’s electric battery, too. Once these basics are covered, the rooftop-generated power feeds into the stationary battery until (We have different kinds of batteries supporting different purposes, those are coming from the reliable regions which including but not limited to Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.) the system detected it's full — primed for nighttime energy demand and cloudy days. Then, when the battery is topped off, the unit’s digital control system automatically redirects any excess energy into the local area power grid,  which means will be compensated and responsible by the local grid operator. (All terms and conditions will be subject to the local area grid operator's final contract.) 


The huge leap forward in battery technology has seen an immense amount of interest in people looking to go off-grid, store their excess solar energy to increase self-consumption, and become energy independent. However, the rapid pace of technology has resulted in some confusion over what is achievable and which battery system is best suited to individual households. Costs can also vary widely depending on the amount of energy storage capacity (measured in kWh) and the type of solar inverter required.




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